Community & Public Health Nursing: Promoting the Public's Health

Community & Public Health Nursing: Promoting the Public's Health

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    Community & Public Health Nursingis designed to provide students a basic grounding in public health nursing principles while emphasizing aggregate-level nursing. While weaving in meaningful examples from practice throughout the text, the authors coach students on how to navigate between conceptualizing about a population-focus while also continuing to advocate and care for individuals, families, and aggregates. This student-friendly, highly illustrated text engages students, and by doing so, eases students into readily applying public health principles along with evidence-based practice, nursing science, and skills that promote health, prevent disease, as well as protect at-risk populations! What the 8th edition of this text does best is assist students in broadening the base of their knowledge and skills that they can employ in both the community and acute care settings, while the newly enhanced ancillary resources offers interactive tools that allow students of all learning styles to master public health nursing.

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