High-Risk Pregnancy with Online Resource: Management Options 5th Edition

High-Risk Pregnancy with Online Resource: Management Options 5th Edition

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    Continuing the tradition established in prior editions, this product answers the key questions that any clinician encounters with a high-risk pregnancy: what are the risks for the woman and/or the baby with this condition? How do I manage a pregnancy complicated by this condition? How do I perform this procedure (e.g. amniocentesis, cesarean section)? All the chapters are newly written or updated to reflect current, evidence-based management and changes in practice. The 'Normal Values' section, a hugely popular reference source, is included. Over half of the chapters have new authors. New chapters have also been added to keep the content up to date with modern developments. The comprehensive online resource expands functionality by providing links to key websites (e.g. National Clinical Guidelines), video recordings - especially of procedures - and additional images. All online content will be reviewed annually and updated as necessary.

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