Junqueira's Basic Histology 6th edition | بافت شناسی پایه جان کوئیرا 2021


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  • 2 دارای ضمانت چاپ و کیفیت صحافی
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    کتاب Junqueira's Basic Histology: Text and Atlas, Sixteenth Edition که در دسترس و در عین حال جامع است، هر آنچه باید در مورد زیست شناسی سلولی و بافت شناسی بدانید، ارائه می دهد، و مطالب را با بیوشیمی، ایمونولوژی، غدد درون ریز و فیزیولوژی ادغام می کند.

    توضیحات Junqueira's Basic Histology 2020 در سایت آمازون به شرح زیر است:

    This user-friendly text and atlas combination is filled with clear explanations, art, and micrographs to elucidate key concepts and facilitate learning 

    Doody's Core Titles for 2021! 

    For more than four decades, this trusted classic has been considered the hands-down best overview of human tissue structure and function. Accessible yet comprehensive, Junqueira's Basic Histology provides everything you need to know about cell biology and histology, integrating the material with that of biochemistry, immunology, endocrinology, and physiology; it provides an excellent foundation for subsequent studies in pathology. It covers all tissues, every organ system, organs, bone and cartilage, blood, skin, and more.

    Formatted in a way that optimizes the learning process, Junqueira's explains how to study the structures of cells and tissues; the cell cytoplasm and nucleus; and the four basic tissue types and their role in the organ systems. Each chapter includes multiple-choice self-test questions enabling readers to assess their comprehension of important material; some questions utilizing clinical vignettes or cases to provide real-world relevance.

    Junqueira's is written specifically for students of medicine and other health-related professions, as well as for advanced undergraduate courses in tissue biology―and there is nothing else like it.


    • Self-test questions in every chapter
    • Key points and summary tables highlight key content
    • Clinical correlations presented with each topic
    • Illustrations depict key aspects of cell biology and histology
    • Electron and light micrographs deliver a definitive atlas of cell, tissue, and organ structures
    • Valuable appendix explains light microscopy stains
    • Lab manual alerts readers to see what they are actually reading about in real-life patients; enhanced lab manual available online
    • Links to Junqueira micrographs

    • ناشر McGraw Hill
    • شابک 9781260462982
    • ویراست ششم/2021
    • قطع رحلی
    • نوع جلد گالینگور (جلد سخت)
    • تعداد صفحات 580
    • وزن 1300 گرم
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