Townsend Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing 2018

Townsend Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing 2018

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    ارسال به سراسر ایران
    گارانتی تعویض کالای معیوب
    مرور کتاب

    مروری در مورد این کتاب

    Taxonomy and diagnostic criteria from the DSM-5 with references for each DSM-5 diagnosis

    Quality Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) activities with guidelines for attaining the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to fulfill the initiative’s core competencies

    Therapeutic communication icon that highlights talking points and interventions in the care plans to help students feel more comfortable with patients

    Homework assignments at the beginning of each chapter to encourage critical readin

    Emphasis on holistic nursing to emphasize the physical, spiritual, and cultural aspects of psychiatric/mental health nursing

    Listing of core concepts at the beginning of each chapter with definitions in boxes throughout the text

    Concept map care plans for all major psychiatric diagnoses

    Care Plans for clients with DSM-5 diagnoses featuring interventions and rationales for commonly observed nursing diagnoses

    ANA standards for clinical practice for DSM diagnoses and therapeutic interventions, as well as for aging individuals, bereaved individuals, and victims of abuse and neglect

    Boxes highlighting client/family education communications and tables listing important topics for discussion including client/family education

    Case studies and exercises designed to stimulate critical thinking

    Davis Edge

    Thousands of NCLEX-style questions aligned to Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing with page references

    Comprehensive rationales for both correct and incorrect answers to promote in-depth understanding and to help students understand the logic behind each question.

    Test-taking tips to help prepare students for exams and reduces their anxieties

    Alternate-format questions that build students' confidence for these more difficult types of questions, including select all that apply (SATA), prioritization and ordered response

    Responsive design that allows access from laptop, tablet, and mobile devices

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