Williams Textbook of Endocrinology 2020

Williams Textbook of Endocrinology 2020

چهاردهم / 2020
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    Expertly bridging the gap between basic science and clinical informationWilliams Textbook of Endocrinology, 14th Edition, brings together an outstanding collection of world-renowned authors to provide authoritative discussions of the full spectrum of adult and pediatric endocrine system disorders. New chapters and significant revisions throughout keep you up to date with recent advances in medications, therapies, clinical trials, and more. This essential reference is a must-have resource for endocrinologists, endocrine surgeons, gynecologists, internists, pediatricians, and other clinicians who need current, comprehensive coverage of this multifaceted field.



    • Table of Contents
    • Section I: HORMONES AND HORMONE ACTION1. Principles of Endocrinology2. Principles of Hormone Action3. Genetics of Endocrinology4. Laboratory Techniques for Recognition of Endocrine Disorders5. The Global Burden of Endocrine Disease6. Navigating Through Clinical Practice Guidelines in EndocrinologySection II: HYPOTHALAMUS AND PITUITARY7. Neuroendocrinology8. Pituitary Physiology and Diagnostic Evaluation9. Pituitary Masses and Tumors10. Posterior PituitarySection III: THYROID11. Thyroid Physiology and Diagnostic Evaluation12. Hyperthyroid Disorders13. Hypothyroidism and Thyroiditis14. Nontoxic Diffuse Goiter, Nodular Thyroid Disorders, and Thyroid MalignanciesSection IV: ADRENAL CORTEX AND ENDOCRINE HYPERTENSION15. The Adrenal Cortex16. Endocrine HypertensionSection V: SEXUAL DEVELOPMENT AND FUNCTION17. Physiology and Pathology of the Female Reproductive Axis18. Hormonal Contraception19. Testicular Disorders20. Sexual Dysfunction in Men and Women21. Transgender EndocrinologySection VI: ENDOCRINOLOGY AND THE LIFE SPANSection VI A: Maternal-Fetal22. Endocrine Changes in Pregnancy23. Endocrinology of Fetal DevelopmentSection VI B: Childhood24. Disorders of Sex Development25. Normal and Aberrant Growth in Children26. Physiology and Disorders of PubertySection VI C: Adult27. Hormones and Athletic Performance28. Endocrinology and AgingSection VII: MINERAL METABOLISM29. Hormones and Disorders of Mineral Metabolism30. Osteoporosis: Basic and Clinical Aspects31. Rickets and Osteomalacia32. Kidney StonesSection VIII: DISORDERS OF CARBOHYDRATE AND FAT METABOLISM33. Physiology of Insulin Secretion34. Pathophysiology of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus35. Therapeutics of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus36. Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus37. Complications of Diabetes Mellitus38. Hypoglycemia39. Neuroendocrine Control of Energy Stores40. Obesity41. Disorders of Lipid MetabolismSection IX: POLYENDOCRINE AND NEOPLASTIC DISORDERS42. Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia43. The Immunoendocrinopathy Syndromes44. Endocrinology of HIV/AIDS45. Neuroendocrine Tumors46. Endocrinology of Cancer Survivors
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