Psychiatric Nursing 2019

Psychiatric Nursing 2019

هشتم / 2018
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    Covering the field’s latest trends and treatments, Psychiatric Nursing, 8th Edition provides you with the solid, therapeutic skills you need to deliver safe and effective psychiatric nursing care. This new edition features a unique, three-pronged approach to psychotherapeutic management which emphasizes the nurse’s three primary tools: themselves and their relationship with patients, medications, and the environment. Written in a friendly, approachable style, this text clearly defines the nurse’s role in caring for individuals with psychiatric disorders like no other book on the market!

    Unique! A practical, three-pronged approach to psychotherapeutic management includes: 1) the therapeutic nurse-patient relationship, 2) psychopharmacology, and 3) milieu management.

    Unique! Norm’s Notes offer helpful tips from the lead author, Norman Keltner, at the beginning of each chapter, making it easier to understand difficult topics

    DSM-5 information is integrated throughout the textalong with updated content and NANDA content.

    Patient and Family Education boxes highlight information that the nurse should provide to patients and families.

    Nursing care plans highlight the nurse’s role in psychiatric care, emphasizing assessment, planning, nursing diagnoses, implementation, and evaluation for specific disorders.

    Case studies depict psychiatric disorders and show the development of effective nursing care strategies.

    NEW! Chapter on Models for Working with Psychiatric Patients revised as new chapter on Emotional Focused Model of Behavior.

    NEW! Update to various chapters within Unit III: Medication: Psychopharmacology, include the latest drugs used for managing psychiatric disorders.

    NEW! Update to Communicate Professionally chapter includes methods of communication including social media and other current forms of technology.

    NEW! Update to Variables Affecting The Therapeutic Environment: Violence and Suicide chapter reorganizes how the five-phase assault cycle is presented so it flows better and is easier to comprehend.

    NEW! Several of the clinical disorders chapters such as the Schizophrenia, Depressive DisordersandAnxiety Disorders updated with the latest information on treatments and drugs.

    • ناشر Elsevier
    • شمارگان 100
    • شابک 9780323479516
    • ویراست هشتم / 2018
    • سال و نوبت چاپ 2019/
    • مشخصات نویسنده/مترجم (Norman L. Keltner EdD RN CRNP (AuthorNorman KeltnerAffiliations and ExpertiseProfessor, School of Nursing, University of Alabama - Birmingham, Birmingham, AL(Debbie Steele (Author 
    • قطع رحلی
    • مشخصات نویسنده/مترجم
      Norman L.Keltner EdD CP نویسنده مشاهده بیشتر
      Debbie Steele نویسنده مشاهده بیشتر
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    • تعداد صفحات 520
    • وزن 1300 گرم
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    • Table of Contents
    • Unit I: The Basics
    • 1. You, Medication, Environment: 3 Tools of the Psychiatric Nurse 2. Historical Issues 3. Legal Issues 4. Psychobiologic Bases of Behavior5. Cultural Issues 6. Spiritual Issues
    • Unit II: You (Therapeutic Nurse-Patient Relationship)7. Models for Working with Psychiatric Patients 8. Learning to Communicate Professionally 9. Working With an Individual Patient 10. Working With Groups of Patients 11. Working With the Family
    • Unit III: Medication (Psychopharmacology) 
    • 12. Introduction to Psychotropic Drugs13. Antiparkinsonian Drugs14. Antipsychotic Drugs15. Antidepressant Drugs16. Antimanic Drugs17. Antianxiety Drugs18. Antidementia Drugs19. Over-the-counter Drugs
    • Unit IV: Environment: Milieu Management
    • 20. Introduction to Milieu Management 21. Variables Affecting the Therapeutic Environment: Violence and Suicide 22. Therapeutic Environment in Various Treatment Settings
    • Unit V: Putting It All Together (Psychopathology)
    • 23. Introduction to Psychopathology 24. Schizophrenia Spectrum and Other Psychotic Disorders 25. Depressive Disorders 26. Bipolar Disorders 27. Anxiety-Related, Obsessive-Compulsive, Trauma- and Stressor-Related, Somatic, and Dissociative Disorders 28. Cognitive Disorders29. Personality Disorders30. Sexual Disorders 31. Substance Abuse Disorders 32. Eating Disorders
    • Unit VI: Special Populations
    • 33. Survivors of Violence and Trauma 34. Children and Adolescents 35. Older Adults 36. Soldiers and Veterans
    • AppendixNorth American Nursing Diagnosis Association Approved Nursing Diagnoses
    • GlossaryIndex 
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